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You are new to computers or new to the internet. Or, someone says to copy and paste something. What the heck does that mean? Yikes! Am I infected by a virus? We have gathered some links here that will tell you all this, and more...

New to the Net

Computer Help

Internet How-tos






Computer Help: Software, Hardware...

Need a new driver for your printer? Is that program acting up? What exactly is "bios"? Here are some handy links.

Email: Spam, Nettiquette...

Why am I getting all this strange mail? How can I stop it? What's a signature? We have answers for this and more.

HELP!! When all else fails...

At your wits end and don't know where to turn now? Depends on the problem, but here are some hints.

Internet How-tos: Search Engines, Browsers, Chats...

Trying to find something about Rameses II? Where is the Wal-Mart web site? Gee, will my browser do Java? I want to download something. How do I? Check here.

Newsgroups: Usenet, Posting...

What is a newsgroup? How can I get one? Do they let anyone post? Check it out!

Reference: Dictionary, Thesauri...

How is that spelled? What does that mean? Encyclopedia? Atlas? Writer's guide? You bet!

Windows: Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98...

Here are some sites chock full of information about Windows. For example: What are the latest updates? Why is it doing that? And, how do I get it to stop?

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