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Scleroderma Foundation Conference 2000

Ruth, Don, Karol, Wanna, Brandy
Ruth, Don, Karol, Wanna and Brandy (in the front)
Irene, Karol, Don, Lauren, Ruth
Irene, Karol, Don, Lauren and Ruth (standing)
Kirsten, Wanna, Lauren, Ruth
Kirsten, Wanna, Lauren, Ruth
Brandy, Wanna, Ruth
Brandy, Wanna, Ruth
Don, Brandy, Karol, Minnie
Don, Brandy, Karol and Minnie Mouse
Don, Brandy, Karol, Wanna, Irene, Ruth, Lauren
Don, Brandy, Karol, Wanna, Irene and in the front, Ruth and Lauren
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