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There are hundreds of different types of treatments for our autoimmune diseases. On this page will will try to describe some of those treatments. The first was our Oxygen Therapy page. Next came Medication. In the future we hope to add others.

Oxygen Therapy: Accessories

These are things you may need. A couple are absolutely essential. Not everyone uses or needs all of these products, but some are quite handy. (The examples used below may involve commercial sites. They are not meant as an endorsement of that particular brand or company. They are used only as an example of what is available and what those systems look like.)

Tubing connects your oxygen source with your cannula. It comes in several different lengths depending on what you need.

A humidifier is filled with distilled water and fits on an oxygen concentrator. The oxygen is forced through the water into the tubing. Continuous use of oxygen can dry the nostrils and the humidifier helps to keep those delicate tissues moist.

Retractable Oxygen Tubing Reel This is one of a few different retractable tubing reels. We use this as only an example of what they are and what they do. A reel can help reduce tripping over the tubing that has a habit of spreading all over the floor. I have received news that this item is no longer manufactured by Amitech. I can find no other source for a tubing reel.

Oxygen tank wrenches You will need one of these. (And, again, this is only an example of what they look like.) They are used to turn the oxygen on and off of the portable oxygen cylinders.

Oxygen regulator washers Quite honestly they look just like the kind of washer that goes into your yard hose, sized of course for the oxygen cylinder. The washers on your regulator may become damaged, mashed or otherwise unusable, allowing oxygen to escape from the cylinder. You will need to replace them. Murphy's Law dictates that this usually happens at the worst possible time. Always carry a few extras. Ask your oxygen supplier for some.

Flow test gauge (Liter meter) - Used to test the liter flow of your concentrator it really isn't necessary to have one of these, but they can be handy. Your oxygen supplier can test your machine for you.

Ear Wraps (Protectors) Sometimes the cannula can rub behind your ears and they may become sore. Ear protectors help this problem. Ask your oxygen supplier for some.

Saline Nasal Spray and Gel After continuous use of oxygen your nose can get very sore. Saline nasal spray or gel can help. I use Ayr nasal gel but there are several different brands. It is available at most pharmacies. If they don't carry these products, ask your pharmacist to order them for you.

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